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Freshcorp Farms Rewards Program


As an employee of Freshcorp Farms you are eligible to join the Freshcorp Farms Rewards Program.

This rewards program has been designed to reward and appreciate performance in the Freshcorp Farms team.

You will be provided with goals and targets to reach in order to be rewarded with points that can be transferred
to a Freshcorp Farms Voucher.


1 point = $1

The vouchers operate just like a gift card.
  • They have to be loaded with your reward.
  • When you receive the card you will have 3 months to log onto to activate your card
    (this may take 24 hours)
  • Once your card is activated you can present your card at any store that accepts EFTPOS and follow these instructions

  • 1. Swipe the card
    2. Select savings
    3. Enter your 4 digit PIN
For further information about the Freshcorp Farms Rewards Program please contact Human Resources.